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School websites from SchoolMessenger are about more than sites that look good. Our websites for schools are built to work in harmony with your other communications channels, allowing you to deliver impactful communications while saving time, money, and effort. Discover more reasons why you should make the switch to our SchoolMessenger Presence website solution.

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    Custom-Designed School Websites

    We create original designs because your brand matters

    Your organization is unique. Your school website should be, too. That's why our team will create an original design that highlights your strengths, successes, and aspirations. Go beyond inadequate templates that make your website look like everyone else's. Make the switch to SchoolMessenger and gain a true custom website that your parents, alumni, and community members will love.

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    Award-Winning Customer Service

    One of many reasons why 97% of customers stay with us

    Customers often use the word “love” when talking about our customer service. Our team is known for providing proactive support, offering world-class integration options, and achieving quick resolution of issues. We’ll get you migrated in the fastest, most painless way possible.

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    Integrated Websites for Schools

    Publish across platforms easily and quickly

    With SchoolMessenger Presence, publishing content across channels with just a few clicks is possible. We can integrate with your notification system, mobile app, and social media so that important updates are cross-published automatically. Achieve consistent communications while reducing your workload with SchoolMessenger.

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    We're the K12 Partner you can Trust

    Serving leading K12 schools since 1999

    SchoolMessenger owns the largest K12 communications network in the world, and we're not going anywhere. With SchoolMessenger, you have a partner that understands the unique demands of K12 schools and is committed to your long-term success. We'll be there to help you achieve your communications goals.

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    Robust Feature Set

    Best of all, everything is easy to use

    Send notifications to your website automatically and easily upload web content to your app. Create beautiful image galleries and embed beautiful HD video. Keep parents engaged and connected with teacher websites. Add unlimited calendars and forms. Save time with our easy-to-use text editor and social media integration. We have so many powerful but easy-to-use tools, you'll love working with SchoolMessenger Presence.

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