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School website accessibility is one of the hottest topics in K-12 education, thanks to the concerns of educators and parents. To help school administrators better understand the issues around web accessibility, we've gathered a collection of resources on topics like section 508 compliance, web authoring best practices, and much more. Whether you're new to the topic or a well-versed pro looking for in-depth resources, our school website Accessibility Resource Center can help.

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Web Accessibility Checklist

Featured ResourceThere are many different types of web content, and making various kinds of content accessible requires thought and careful planning. Review this checklist from the experts at Siteimprove for an overview of things that need to be done to make content accessible.

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Siteimprove: Leader in Accessibility Monitoring

Logo for Siteimprove website accessibility softwareWe've partnered with Siteimprove, the industry-leading provider of comprehensive web accessibility software and services, to help schools and districts improve their websites. Learn more about our partnership with Siteimprove and discover what they can do for your educational institution.

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Accessibility-related materials provided by West for its SchoolMessenger solutions are not intended to and do not provide legal advice. Schools are advised to consult with their legal counsel to better understand how to make their websites accessible under the law.