West Partnership Drives Revenue For Schools

West and Education Funding Partners to Drive Revenue for School Districts with Innovative EFP adNet Tool

New partnership with EFP gives West’s SchoolMessenger solutions customers a way to monetize their digital assets

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA, September 06, 2017 -- West and Education Funding Partners (EFP) today announced a partnership that will give West’s SchoolMessenger Presence website customers a turnkey funding solution through EFP adNet. The tool programmatically serves digital advertising which is seamlessly displayed on school district and school websites. Since 2010, EFP has developed and managed marketing partnerships between the K-12 public school community and top U.S. corporations that generate sustainable new revenue for districts.

EFP adNet integrates with the SchoolMessenger Presence website platform. It gives its customers the optional ability to “turn on” adNet and begin running ads from a proprietary, carefully vetted list of education-friendly brands. Districts and schools determine the placement of the brands’ digital ads on their website pages to drive revenue. EFP adNet is simple to set up and requires little time to manage. The adNet tool is available for SchoolMessenger Presence websites and utilizes the SchoolMessenger Passport single sign-on product.

“West’s SchoolMessenger solutions takes its mission of being the trusted platform for parent and community engagement seriously and we are proud to be part of another transformational solution for districts like EFP adNet,” said Robert Iskander, executive vice president and general manager of West’s Education group. "In addition, our partnership with EFP provides our SchoolMessenger solutions customers the ability to activate new funding solutions to support school and student programs, starting with SchoolMessenger Presence and later extending to our other products.”

“Our country’s schools need new ways to generate revenue to fund priorities for their students that otherwise won’t happen. With EFP adNet, we provide districts a no-cost, safe and sustainable solution which is gaining great momentum,” said EFP CEO Tom Weeks. “Our partnership with West enables us to offer our turnkey adNet solution to school districts across multiple platforms that they can control.”

EFP has relationships with education-appropriate brands like Walmart, CVS, Target and Amazon Rapids, which want to connect with parents and teachers through trusted school district website environments. Revenue generated through EFP adNet is used to help fill in funding gaps.

About Education Funding Partners
Education Funding Partners (EFP) puts the power of Fortune 500 marketing resources to work for public education by linking carefully selected brands and forward-thinking school districts to build successful partnerships. Leading companies engage with millions of parents, students and educators through a new, scalable and comprehensive marketing platform, while districts impacted by the ongoing budget crisis gain sustainable funding solutions. Through a national school district network built by EFP, brands invest in the K-12 community by preserving educational and enrichment programs. EFP (www.edufundingpartners.com) is a certified B Corporation, a for-profit company guided by comprehensive social performance standards. EFP has been Awarded ‘Best for the World’ by B Lab for the past four years and was named one of ‘Five Bright Ideas for Education’ by Harvard Business School. EFP is a division of ©2017 Abundant Venture Partners, LLC (www.abundantventurepartners.com). To learn more about EFP, please contact: Nancy Kerbs, Education Funding Partners at (508) 333-3488 or nkerbs@edufundingpartners.com.

About West’s SchoolMessenger Solutions
West Corporation is the trusted provider of SchoolMessenger solutions. More than 63,000 schools and other educational institutions in all 50 states and Canada depend on SchoolMessenger products and services from notifications and websites to custom mobile apps and social media. School leaders have relied on the SchoolMessenger platform since 1999 to engage with their communities in multiple languages and on any device. To learn more about SchoolMessenger products, visit www.schoolmessenger.com or call 888.527.5225.