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SchoolMessenger Passport: The Data & SSO Management Tool Built for K-12 Schools

SchoolMessenger Passport is the single sign-on (SSO), identity, and application management solution built for K-12 education. It can help you enhance data privacy, resource discovery, and data integration, all while saving time and money.

Passport makes the process of managing third-party applications and other online resources easy. It simplifies the provisioning and assigning of accounts, and allows schools to provide SSO access into those applications. With Passport, schools and districts can securely share identity and roster data with service providers while easily measuring staff and student usage of those applications.

Free Resource: Identity & App Management Guide

Image of Identity and App Management guide from SchoolMessengerRead “Identity & App Management: Scaling Access, Simplifying Deployments, and Strengthening Security,” our best practice guide on managing school user identity data and application access.

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Passport Features & Benefits

Learn more about how Passport can provide your educational organization with a single platform for integration and access to your online resources.

  • Enhance Discovery & Access to Web-Based Resources

    Your staff, students and parents can all use SchoolMessenger Passport's single sign-on feature to quickly access their many web-based services. A customized dashboard provides each person with a one-stop portal to not only identify all their authorized web-based programs, but also a single login password. With SchoolMessenger Passport, you won’t have to worry about students or staff losing or forgetting their passwords. It’s a great way to maintain strong security while saving time.

  • Simplify Identity & Account Management

    Administrators are challenged to manage integration to their many school licensed resources, struggling to track who has access to what app and to manage which vendors receive what data. SchoolMessenger Passport provides a turnkey platform for IT administrators to consolidate and simplify time-consuming identity management, account provisioning, and roster data sharing tasks.

  • Track App Usage With Robust Analytics

    Track usage of all your apps through one data reporting dashboard - by role, group, app and time span. SchoolMessenger Passport provides you one administrative platform to not only create, manage and expose accounts to your users in their personal portal, but also data analytics tools to help justify your licensing and budget decisions.

  • Maximize Your Online Learning Investment

    SchoolMessenger Passport will help you maximize your investments in digital curriculum, productivity tools, and other online resources. Easily link students, teachers, and parents to multiple apps and sites with one set of login credentials and keep them connected to those sites over time and across devices.

  • Enhance Student Privacy & Data Security

    With most services in the cloud, identity and access management is now the security perimeter. SchoolMessenger Passport employs a variety of functional and administrative methods to reduce password proliferation and enable school data control, enhancing privacy and data security.

Explore the Passport Catalog

Click here to review Passport’s ever-growing catalog of third-party applications. For Passport Premium customers, we will deliver timely connectors to any and all of your applications not already in our catalog.

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