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Think of SchoolMessenger Passport as your portal for discovering and connecting with a broad swath of educational technology programs. Passport features hundreds of apps that schools can test, provision, and use with one-click – without forcing users to remember countless passwords. Schools can also use Passport to discover the latest edtech apps and systems.

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  • Teaching and Learning Tools

    Give teachers and students easy access to the tools they need to succeed. From content libraries and open educational resources to teaching and professional development tools, Passport connects you with the resources that can help power student achievement. The types of tools available include:

    • • eBooks and publications

      • Assessment tools

      • Game-based learning

      • Lesson planning resources

      • Virtual learning environments

      • Libraries and archives

    • • Professional development

      • Video resources

      • Learning communities

      • Online courses

      • School rewards systems

      • Online tutoring services

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  • School Administration Tools

    Ease the burden of staff who work with multiple tools to manage school- and district-level administrative tasks. Passport links with a variety of school software programs so you can log in once and have access to multiple systems. With Passport, you can connect with:

    • • Student information systems

      • Communications systems

      • Cafeteria management

      • Payroll and HR systems

      • Administration and registration

      • Cashless payment systems

    • • Assessment and tracking

      • Learning management systems

      • Library management systems

      • Transportation systems

      • Course authoring tools

      • Data visualization

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  • Technology Infrastructure Tools

    Web-based services that form the backbone of your education technology infrastructure are numerous. Make it easier to work with your systems by implementing Passport. Types of infrastructure tools available include:

    • • Cloud hosting services

      • Security tools

      • Data management

      • Video conferencing

    • • Network filtering

      • Data storage

      • Mobile device management

      • Video hosting and delivery

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